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Every month we women bleed for the honor of bearing our men children.  We suffer from cramps, back aches, sever blood loss, moodiness, and tenderness in our breast.  Now looking at these symptoms most people would assume they aren’t that big of a deal….we can handle it.  Yeah that fuck right.  Not when they are all pilled on top of each other, and you are going to work, and you are taking care of the children that you honorable are bearing.  Every month we deal with this shit and this month I happen to be sick with the flu as well.  What do the men in my life think?  That I am sleeping a lot because I’m lazy?  Fuck you.  I am not only fucking exhausted from my cycle, but I am dehydrated from throwing up and shitting myself raw.  I haven’t ate or drank in over 24 hrs.  So next time you think of hey my gf is so lazy for sleeping….jeez it’s just her period.  Think about this jerk!

Today’s post will be about people and self righteousness.   Its funny how some people think they have the right to judge other when really they need to stop and look at their damn selves.  I mean so what if someone has two jobs.  It doesn’t mean that they need to fucking quit one and go for the other.  Maybe they have reasons for said second job?  You don’t know what someone’s reason is until you’ve either asked or been where they are.  And sometimes even then you’ll never know

Today’s blog is going to be about back stabbers and those who talk behind your back.  Now I have a friend, who is horrible.  She isn’t really a friend anymore because she is a back stabbing hoe.  I mean hell telling other people that I took advantage of you when I was the only person keeping you a float.  I was the one who helped you through the roughest part of your life and made sure you and your daughter weren’t out on the street.  So when you go behind someone’s back make sure you aren’t doing it to the person you are about to fuck over next.

With love, 

Your former LaLa

I am so pissed.  I feel like fucking little kids should fucking yell at their fucking parents.  What gives these kids the right to fucking tell their parents what to do??  I mean this teenager was telling her mom she couldn’t have sex.  I mean what the hell????  Well you know what my kids will get smacked in the mouth if they scream and cuss at me like this girl did her mom. 

Today was the worst day ever.  I was totally stalked by this creepy dude for 4 hours.  He defently followed me to my car and everything.  I almost had to call the police!!!  God sometimes I hate the general public.  Otherwise it was an alright day.  As fridays go it wasn’t horrible just busy.  Also I have found out that if I post where I work online then I can get in super horrible trouble with the company and all that jazz.  WELL I don’t know if anyone will guess what my name is (*wink* Already had someone do that about a year ago!!) but if they do I guess I’ll just get some shit for it.  Don’t really care though.  I mean hell I am just talking on here it’s not like I am giving names or anything.  I am just ranting about my life.  No one ever gets named and if they do it’s a fake one.  Well TTFN bitches Imma gonna watch game of thrones!!! 

Started Game of Thrones….now my first impression is to think of it in a movie sense.  It’s like every episode ties together like a neat little present.  Watching them back to back helps with that but I think if I were waiting I would be pissed because it would be like not finishing a movie.

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